Thursday, December 20, 2012

TUNESQUAD // Is Tropical / KASH / BenZel / Tiga / Duke Dumont //

Is Tropical - Land of the Nod (Xinobi Remix)

EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THIS SONG EXISTS. What a feel good, dance alone in your house, smile on your face kind of track. It's just one of the happiest songs ever and what a charming buildup it has for that moment at 2:37.

KASH - Long Way From Home (Viceroy Remix)

I don't know a thing about Kash. BUT I LIKE WHAT I HEAR SO FAR. How freaking happy and sunny is this remix?? Doesn't it remind you of the beach and sand and Miami?? I'm totally not at all one who likes to reminisce of summer in the winter months, but I just can't help feeling happy and warm inside when this song is playing.

BenZel - Fallin' Love

I swear to you, I thought these girls were going to be a one hit wonder. They had that gem with Jessie Ware, but considering the fact that these two are only 15 and 16 years of age, I did NOT think they had it in them.
Well, I was clearly mistaken. Kudos, and I envy your talent at such a young age.

Tiga - Plush (Jacques lu Cont Remix)

YAY Tiga, YAY Jacques lu Cont. It's been a while since I caught a good Tiga track that pleased my sense, but this one definitely got me going. It's the PERFECT dance dirty night time track.

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%)

Once again, so overly pleased that he rolled through with another goodie. The Giver went crazy popular, and I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen with this one.

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