Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The start of my musical appreciation came from my father who played classic rock all the time growing up. I knew who ACDC and Led Zep were before I even learned how to paint. I knew all the lyrics to Guns and Roses, dressed up as Axel Rose one time and knew every single word to every single Loverboy song. Then my oldest sister threw me her old Metallica and System of a Down cd when I was 12, and the hard rock obsession started from there. I miss listening to that type of music, but I occasionally jam out with my dad here and there.
Anyway, I came across this band Bloomill, they're three guys from Detroit, (home of techno woop woop)and they are totally classic rock inspired. Maybe a little Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd influenced? A little bit of a southern feel to it. Either way, they rock. And the voice is extremely rad and unique. I wish I could find more on them or they would put their stuff out for reach.
Check em' out, here are some of their jams.

Bloomill - Tell Me

Bloomill - My Pockets

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  1. we have ze same music background....

    and also i'm really enjoy their sound