Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crosswalk Man

I saw a man die last night.
My friends and I were walking towards...geez I don't even remember, lower west side maybe?, after the amazing mad decent block party. We were all laughing and joking and having a really good time because we were about to meet up with DJ Sega and continue to have a ridiculous night, and then as we were crossing the street, this man who was crossing also, fell, and dropped dead. Police, ambulances and fire trucks came and the cop rolled him over, the mans face was bleeding from the fall, he checked his pulse and then uttered "no pulse." It was definitely the most disturbing thing I've seen in person. He just dropped dead.
I really enjoy walking through graveyards, and I usually handle deaths pretty well, but for some reason this one disturbed me very deeply. He was young, nicely dressed, looked like quite a decent fellow.
I pray his soul is in a better place, better and happier place than this terrible world of physicality and strain.

RIP crosswalk man.