Monday, August 2, 2010

Salem - King Night

Salem - King Night

I definitely remember coming across these guys on Myspace a while back, through a picture I found on someones blog, and I remember listening to their music, but I think it was in a time where I was looking for all new music and I kinda skipped over them...
But I came across this song again today, and I am digging it so hard. It's really dark and super haunting, which is how I like my music, and there is a very faint 'Hallelujah' in the background which makes it even eerier.

I was also stalking their Myspace before, and they have Benedictine crosses all over their pages, and other types of religious symbols, and then they have upside down crosses and really disturbing pictures. Which made me realize that every super dark morbid person who has anti-religious symbols as their art, or as a tattoo, always come from a religious background. And it's usually a Catholic background. And it REALLY saddens me, well actually it just pisses me off because they KNOW the truth and whatsup with religion and they turned away, and they never realize how freaking blessed and lucky and special they are to have had that core. And then something shitty happens and they let it compromise their relationship with God, and that sucks.
And now I'm sounding like my mother, and I don't even know if that's the case with Salem. ANYWAY the song is tight, the guys are hot, the chick is hotter, and I'm going to stop talking now. Cheerio.

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