Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As if every single blog ever made hasn't posted this song, I thought it's appropriate I jump on board. And, like everyone else, I'm obsessed. Like...this is SO damn groovy. Welcome back, truest form of dance music, you were missed. 

Oh this is just the tastiest treat I've had in a bit. I say that with every song but whatever. THIS ONE. The lyrics, the elevation, the happiness this exudes, oh I just can't contain myself when this song is playing. Not to mention that Goldroom put out a pretty chill remix too, both perfect for the spring time drives with the windows down. 

Caution: Violently inappropriate. BUT if you know Missy Elliot then you know this song and I didn't have to warn you because this song taught you way too much in middle school like it did for me. EITHER WAY, Diplo you go, you drop that beat. Can't help it, this song is just too much. It goes hard. 

Nicest guy I think I've ever met. Such a good track, with WHO BETTER than Mr Xinobi to pull out the darkness in just about every song he touches. Oh man he makes things so ominous and beautiful and seductive.

Right ok. So I have really stopped with the dubity dub dub, but holy cow, this song gives me chills bigger than anything I've experienced in a while. Sometimes lyrics about over-medication, heavy synths and beautiful female vocals really get to me. Such a beautiful song originally, and just a slight helping hand from Sound Remedy to really cater the intensity. Stunning team work production.

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