Monday, April 1, 2013

Rex the Dog - Do You Feel What I Feel (feat. Jamie McDermott)

I was going to post this in with the others, but I couldn't even begin to remotely hush the brilliance of this Rex the Dog track. This is without a doubt the greatest song I've come across in MONTHS. You know when people talk about people / substances / addictions that they can't get away from because of the feeling it provides them? Well my entire life of obsessing over music is explained in this ONE song. Not only do the lyrics grab you by the throat, but holy shit, 2:05, you think you're done and you have only just begun. Not to mention, every single time that second of the song hits, my body breaks out in head to toe chills, my eyes tear and I think my eyeballs roll in the back of my head. And that's just the beginning of the perfection. Wait just a little longer and holy shit. How, HOW does he create such an intensifying rhythm with those synths!? Dead, dying on the floor. The video's mad weird too, but it's the perfect kind of weird that just suddenly makes sense.
If you ever wanna "feel how I feel" (pun intended more than ever before) pour yourself a glass of wine,  light a cig, listen to this song with headphones, and close your eyes. The rest will come naturally.


  1. I LOVE this. Absolutely fantastic tune. The synths are perfect, lyrics are awesome and video is some sort of perfect weird for a message I have yet to understand.

  2. and no, i feel like no one feels what we feel when something this good comes along.