Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Warm Weather Post! (Or Something..) KASTLE // AYAH MARAR // BRANKO // GORGON CITY // FLUME // THEM JEANS

Did I call it or did I call it!? I knew Ayah Marar was going to be a staple vocalist for all things dark / electronic / magical. And this track is exactly that. But do yourself a favor and disable the comments on this track because you will lose brain cells with the comparisons that were made by people who don't know what music is.

This entire mixtape is absolute fire. One of my favorite types of sound, especially for the oncoming warm weather Mother Nature has graced us with. Rasta / Egyptian / sick / awesome / perfect kind of sound. This track is my fave off the mixtape, but definitely click around and give the whole thing a listen. Not to mention a free Download on Branko's website.

My friend played this for me as I was smoking a cig out of his window, and almost choked and died on my smoke because of....YEP that part. Just further solidifies my bewilderment on how a couple of chords can evoke such reactions.

Yeah right. This is insane. I saw Flume play last week and it was SUCH a good set. The energy was so high, he ripped through the What So Not Remix of "Get Free" and he played the original to this track. I heard this remix the other day and my jaw dropped off my face. That is deep.

Them Jeans - Vowel Play

What's good, Whole Foods?

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