Saturday, May 15, 2010

Underworld - Scribble (radio edit)

i found this video on, today, and it reminded me so much of a dear friend i used to have back in the day who was absolutely insane. he loved songs just like this one. he's locked up in someplace seclusive, hes not allowed to talk to anyone. i wonder how he is. anyway, its weird that the lyrics are "and its okay", cause it is okay buddy, you're going to get better. promise.

sometimes i miss our days together. and other times thinking about you scares me. its okay.

anyway, this is the duo underworld, they did that song born slippy for the movie trainspotting. this song was done in collaboration with high contrast (i just got the high contrast remix to kaleidoscope by tiesto and jonsi, its ill, get it) and this is their first single off of their new album released at the end of the summer. cheers.


  1. if you like poetry and you like scribble by underworld, then you should check the lyrics of karl hyde of underworld.he has unique and wonderful phrasing.take a look at the website deepbluemorocco and you will see what i mean.
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  2. i just went on and found a song called boy boy boy. i love it, and the lyrics strike quite a chord.

    open your blogger so i can see who you are.

  3. been searching for the lyrics, got one?