Sunday, May 9, 2010

american love

as i was gandering through facehunter today, i watched one of the facehunter shows that he did at coachella, and i picked up something i found interesting. during the segment, he says goodbye to some girl who was either rolling or just straight bizarre, and as he said goodbye she called out "bye, i love you." you hear the guy filming say "oh, a lot of love here", and yvan turns around and says "do you really love me? or is that just an american love you? what does it mean"....

'love', is not used how its supposed to be used anymore. i do it myself, i say that word for things i dont really love. but im trying really hard to stop. people will say they love you then unfortunately through time you realize that it was just a word. it wasnt the feeling you had hoped it had been. its not real.

next time you say it, mean it.

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