Sunday, May 23, 2010

Innerpartysystem - American Trash (Starkey Remix)

i have not had a new innerpartysystem song in forever. my blonde twin got me obsessed with them last year, and we went through a phase where that was ALL we listened to. the last remix i got really excited about was the LA riots remix to 'die tonight, live forever.' probably because i heard it after i hung out with danny ledisko from LA Riots. (not bragging, just saying...but oh my, what a beauty he was) anyway. this is 'American Trash' which is a Starkey remix, and its PHENOM. definitely one of the songs i'm going to be listening to as i walk down the streets of nyc thinking i am a complete bad ass. AMERICAN TRASH EP releases in two days! yayy.

enjoy all you american trash.

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