Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ragers

Dada Life - Happy Violence

For some reason as soon as I saw the video of this song, I thought of my wonderful time I had at the Mad Decent Block Party in New York City last year. I was going to put up the video to this song so long ago, but I am so must have slipped my mind. Love the title of this song, something about it that is so happy though, right? I miss dancing in large crowds.

Laidback Luke - Timebomb

Okay so yes I know this is semi old, but I heard it the other day and re-fell in love with it. It's been some time since I've found a good set of crazy electro beats that make me want to rage, and listening to this song got me back on the bandwagon of music that makes me want to go insane.
I still reminisce about when Laidback Luke yelled at me on twitter for making fun of him dressing like a pilot in the Turbulence video with Steve Aoki.............

Pretty Lights - I Know the Truth

HAVE MERCY ON ME. What in the heck is this. It's like Derek got mad one night and took all of his anger and put in into one KILLER freaking song. I feel as though this is very un-Pretty Lights of him, no? I'm not complaining at all though, it's dirty as all hell. Remember when I used to talk about listening to music that makes me want to light shit on fire? This would be one of those songs.

David Guetta - The Alphabeat (Original Mix)

I will give him major credit for the creative title. ...And the kickin beat. And everything else that has to do with this song. It has my favored classical piano in the beginning that just RIPS into a killer electric guitar sound and then it's over from there. This is another song that sounds very unlike the artist. When I first listened to this I was half expecting to hear Justin Beiber or someone of that nature to pop up, considering Guetta has turned into a hip hop producer....but he didn't, and I love what I hear.

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Version)

Majorly long intro, feel free to skip through. But then hear that beat? That is the sound of the beginning of a major dance tune. I'm partial to the instrumental version because I can picture it being blasted at some kind of festival with people going insane to just the music without Taio Cruz's electronic auto-tuned voice over (murdering) the beat.

And then with Taio Cruz and Luda..

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris

Just because I felt like being nice. It's not that bad, and the video is good except for Guetta's attempt at being an actor............just stay behind the turn tables, please.

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