Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Music

Florence and the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

Dark, haunting, beautiful, autumn-esque, and absolutely perfect. Apparently this song is about the suicide of Virginia Woolf, but the title comes from a painting by Frida Khalo...two of the world's most influential and deep women. The power of this song is unbelievable, the choir of voices that creep up so beautifully ads the perfect amount of chills to anyone who listens to this.

Royksopp - In This Shirt

Anytime Royksopp has a new single, it's pretty much guaranteed that it will be fantastic. They have such a way about them that is so similar to Sigur Ros, this overwhelming emotional pull that you feel towards the song. One that evokes a deeply penetrating thought process within you. Funny how music can do that to you. The violin in this is absolutely beautiful, and then all the classical modernism that is throughout the song drops into a hefty beat that is still soft enough to sleep to. Undeniably wonderful.

Lil Wayne - Dear Anne (Produced by Swizz Beatz)

This is very much unlike me, and I am fully aware, and slightly apologetic, HOWEVER, the only reason I was attracted to this song in the first place is because of the Tatu sounding female voice and the continuous piano that is all throughout the song. It has a beautiful melody to it, and the subject of the song is strangely dark, which automatically attracts me to it.

Bon Iver - Wash

Bon Iver's entire 'Calgary' album is nothing short of brilliant. 'Wash' jumped out at me over all of them though, due to the piano and violin with that slight synth throughout that makes me want to just fall asleep and dream forever. This song more than ever makes me want to be home in the chilled air with the leaves all around me, inhaling the scent of dying evergreens and sad maple trees.

Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (acoustic version)

The lyrics are what are key to the beauty of this song. But then the beat comes in and it sweeps you away to an emotional roller coaster of melody. It would be a killer song to do a lyrical dance number to, it would be so emotional and strong. Ahhh...the glory of depressing music.

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