Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Exercise of Memory

Too many things to be said about this weekend. Or rather, too many things need to be left unsaid about this weekend. Another glorious taste of something beautiful that doesn't last. And a couple lessons learned about what happens for reasons and what's just happenstance. We can't hold onto pretty things forever, we can't experience mind-blowing DJ sets forever, and we can't look at pretty faces forever.

Beautiful things happen to keep our memory in check. So we can look back and remember the way the music made us feel, the energy we adapted to from our surroundings, the affect new people had on our being, and the memory of weather, that, at the time may have been too hot, but looking back was the most perfect temperature we've ever experienced. Things get old, and things die. If my weekend were to last forever I'd be sick of Hawtin, nose rings, sand and red wine. It was a beautiful weekend that was simply that; a weekend. A beautiful memory that is beautiful to look back on.

Best set at Ultra, hands down. Probably one of the best two hours I've ever experienced.

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