Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Stereoheist - I Want it All Over Baghdad

Along with running the dopest Vinyl company in the whole entire world, my friend ALSO mashes together some of the sickest tunes on the market. This one in particular just fits together so perfectly and sounds so right. Then again, I suppose anything Outkast sounds delicious.

GRIEFJOY - Touch Ground (Yuksek Remix)

Can't stop. Won't stop...listening to this song. I mean it's pretty much a guarantee that anything Yuksek touches turns to gold, and this one -- especially at that 3:34 mark with the piano -- oh it just tastes so sweet.

Voltron - Let Go (A.N.D.Y. Remix)

Definitely one of those songs that allows for the greatest creation of thought to occur. I would love to hear this out one night, specifically during that 3:10 mark. Oh man I can't even imagine the happiness that would pour forth from my body.

Major Lazer - Watch Out for This (Bumaye)

I actually can't wait to see Major Lazer at Ultra. I have always been a fan, Switch and Dip together are pretty unreal, and I tried for a while to branch off from them because Diplo became to commercialized and kinda lost touch with reality, but I can't help but dance my little ass of when they drop something new. I ran to this one last night, and pretty sure everyone in the gym was watching me make a fool of myself as I was trying to simultaneously run and dance all at once.

Kidnap Kids - Animaux

OH MAN. THOSE VOCALS. THAT BEAT. This is the type of music that makes me so happy and this is DEFINITELY the song that will be playing when I land in Miami at night next week and look out at all those beautiful palm trees that I've been missing so dearly.

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