Friday, March 22, 2013

PTSD || Miami Withdrawal Edition || Shadow Child // ViLLAGE // Surkin // Branko // Roses Gabor // Danny Fujikawa

May possibly the hardest song to listen to after spending nights on the beach in Miami and continuously listening to Minimal until 2 am. May be an oldie, but still, sexiest song for my ears right now.

Surkin, you dirty little mastermind, you. This whole Advanced Entertainment System EP is absolute fire. Not to mention this music video is like an aesthetic acid trip, not complaining.

UHHHM, talk about building up the blood flow. Honestly one of the greatest songs to close your eyes to, picture yourself in your magical destination, and let the music take you far, far away.

Oh my Gosh. I just can't listen to music like this, I can't be trusted. I always knew Roses Gabor would be killer in the vocal scene (Plugging myself for calling it in my SNS article like 6 million months ago) but seriously, this track. HOLY APHRODISIAC.

My friend, my love, and probably my future husband, once again absolutely melting my soul with his stunning music. This one in particular, the images that my mind curates while this is playing in my ears ... I never want to face reality that it's 35 degrees and almost April. Beauty in a soundtrack.

DUH. No words needed, Surkin again. The happiest of all happy music. Fantastic.

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