Thursday, August 22, 2013


My obsession has done nothing but grow from when they were a hidden trio with no press at all and released a little bitty track that I couldn't even find the name to. Then they were featured on Settle and then they made more and more and then THIS. My eyes still produce tears every single time I listen to this masterpiece of a cover. Her vocals are absolutely unreal. So powerful, so strong, so natural, and so stunning. I cannot wait for their debut album.

Oh for the love of perfect covers. 1: To have the balls to cover an Elliot Smith song is a feat of security I wish all musicians had and 2: to succeed in this wins you trust points for the rest of time to come. Especially to electrodisco it out and make it so you can do nothing but smile when it plays, man, you DEFINITELY have to know whats good with production.

Oh my gosh HOW HAVE I NOT BLOGGED THIS YET. I am so far behind on life right now, I've been out of town and now I'm off work so I've been rallying like crazy in Manhattan and WHEW if you cared, I'd keep going BUT anyway, this absolute fire. Now this might be one hell of a statement, but I think this might be one of my favorite tracks to release this summer. That bass after her little pretty vocals is just JAW DROPPING, heart melting and skin bumping. I feel like when I listen, my heart beat syncs up to this and we live life in some dark tandem coexistence for a hot minute. Good-NESS.

GOODNESS it's like Henry Krinkle just sweats out good music, and this Pham remix is the absolute favorite so far. Highlighting the piano, slowing it down and extending the synths, making it really something so powerful. Great job, team.

This was sent to me a couple of weeks ago, and typically when I'm sent over tracks from people I don't know it takes me a while to get to, I'm so bad with my email as it is, but for SOME reason, I don't know if it was his kind words or what but I listened to his track as soon as I opened the email. (Worst run-on sentence ever, sorry.) But holy moly, I have such a soft spot for really beautiful atmospheric sounds, and when that is interlaced with soothing male vocals, I melt. And this track is a beautiful example. I can't wait to hear more from Love...(and keep your eyes and ears out for his EP that may or may not drop super soon !)

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