Thursday, May 9, 2013


They played last night and I missed them. I'm mad but then not cause like I need to save money because all I do is win win win with concerts and I need to chill. ANWAY, not to be dramatic but I think this might be one of my favorite remixes I've heard to any Presets song.

Curling up in my bathtub and drowning myself with bubbles with the lights off while this is playing in the background is my new favorite hobby. The original to this is absolutely just as stunning, but this remix, those bongo sounds, oh it's like take my heart and melt it why don't you.

This. Kid. David August, 22 year old babe who KNOWS how to play some house. This little baby remix has been my fave so far. If you know me, you know why. Anything piano or violin or strings or classical mixed in with deep synths is basically my life supply. HAHA you freaking hear that at 2:10?? How much fun is he I just wanna like pinch his cheeks and dance with him. And then like maybe make out with him a little or something.

And again. But this time this is seriously deep classic house. This reminds me of Benassi's sound WAY back in the day, and I'm so happy this still is up and kicking. I LOVE the progressive piano sounds oh man thank you baby Jesus for allowing David August to be on this Earth.

OK so remember when I wrote about them and they were Saint Lou Lou? No you don't remember because my writing really isn't that cool, ok..well anyway, they changed their name, their look, and unfortunately I think we have another product of Hollywood on our hands BUT IT'S OK because......listen to this! This is great! Yeah it's a Sango remix but whatever! Oh so deep and dark and visceral. And my God, does he take good care of those vocals.
Check out the track they did with Chet Faker, btw..."Fool of Me." Really tasty.

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