Friday, May 24, 2013


I mean, Xinobi always kills it. Always. I don't think I've disliked one thing he's touched. But for some reason THIS one (I'm sure I say the same thing every time I post one of his remixes) but it hits the gut. I think I lost my breath at that 2:15 mark. It's simply gorgeous. Not to mention, the original to this song is fire in itself. Take a listen to the OG after this to get the best of both worlds.

It always takes me a damn minute to get into Moon Boots songs and I don't know why but when I finally get into it, I sure as hell get into it. This one has a particularly summery sound, which is just perfect for all of us north of the equator.

Uhhhh, if you haven't set the time aside to listen to the new Daft Punk yet, talk to the hand. It would be blasphemous to ignore a production this incredible, and frankly, I don't like you if you haven't heard it, and I hate you if you heard it and don't like it. So now that this is clear, THIS might be my favorite from the album. I mean to label a favorite is not right, they all are super special in their own way (just like each and every one of YOU) but this one makes me uncomfortably happy, and the lead into "Contact" is just unreal. The J. Cas one is the other favorite, same with "Giorgio by Moroder" who I actually had the honor to see SPIN at 76 years old on Monday.

Maya Jane Coles, you fox. You really give me hope for life. Such a stunner babe with SUCH a deep talent. Anyway this song, dark, deep, sultry, weird and perfect. The vocals are absolute gold, and sort of kinda resemble Bjork am I right??

Oh you know my eternal love for progressive house. I love this so much and I love love love that this is becoming perfected yet again. Oh those piano chords could just sing me into eternal bliss day after day.

I mean, this is just so COOL. I haven't heard anything like this in quite some time, and to tell you the truth it was rather refreshing now that everyone's disco overloading like crazy. Sometimes we just need really weird music to keep us in check, ya know!?

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