Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thankful New Year's Post that's Pretty Sappy.

I'm going to apologize in advance if this post is super duper lame and sentimental but I can't help myself sometimes, you know? I've never been a huge fan of New Years, it's an overrated holiday where people get obliterated and can't remember their nights, but I'm having a hard time not having feelings towards this past year. 2013 was without a doubt the best year I've ever had. I got writing gig after writing gig, I met the greatest people of life, and made some of the best friends of anyone in all of the land. I'm scared for this new year because I can't imagine a better year, but maybe, just maybe it's possible that things can get even better. I am so thankful for my family, my friends, and all the people who read my ridiculous shit and appreciate it. I am thankful for being opened up even more to a music / writing community here in NYC, and although I've spent most of my life here, this is the first year I've really, genuinely felt at home in this insane city. And that's extremely hard for me because I've lived really cool places and I move around a lot because I'm never content. But I am now. I love what I do, I love my amazing friends, I love this crazy city, and I am so eternally grateful for all the opportunity I've been given this past year. Not to mention 2013 is in a VERY TIGHT run with the best year for music, IMO. God Bless my life, God Bless my family, God Bless my friends, God Bless my heart, and most importantly, God Bless Music.

And here is an amazing song that I forgot to put in my Top 10 of 2k13

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