Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami & its Music Scene

OK, so I know I haven't posted in a  while and for those who actually enjoy my blog, I apologize, and for the others who don't like it, whatever. I just spent a week in Miami visiting my University best friends, and quite honestly, I think this was one of the best weeks I've ever had. I do understand that if I was just a little more patient with my depression, I could've waiting and gone during WMC and made it year three for me, but nah. So I have a couple things to say about revisiting the good old South Florida coast. Driving down Ocean Drive and Collins Ave with two of my best friends blasting Moon Boots, Alison Valentine and other feel good summer breeze music with the windows open, palm trees lining the streets, the ocean in plain view, absolutely melted my heart. I get chills when I look at the art deco buildings, am able to walk around bare foot, get coffees in just a bathing suit, get so tan and salty, come home, change and go out for the night, sleep and repeat. My two girlfriends are from Central America and never fail to expose me to the best of the best Reggaeton, which makes me even happier because living in NY, you forget about music like that. 
Beach life is one of the greatest thing that happened to me, and being back this week reminded me why it is so healthy to visit places of beauty and warmth every so often. This f'ing city (NYC) is on my last nerve, it's freezing, it's grey, this industry is beating my ass, and quite frankly, I'm getting really depressed here. Just like how we should be eating clean by eating foods of color, I think we should live in places of color as well. Anyway, as I was standing on my head in a yoga pose facing the water on South Beach, I was seriously considering looking for jobs down in Miami, because nothing is better than being in that weather with my friends around music. So anyway, one night we went to one of the South Beach clubs, and as we walked in, they were playing the AMTRAC remix to "Bassline" and I was like "hell yeah, word." But then the DJ transitioned it into an Avicii song. And I mean like, to each their own, but NOBODY but me was like "WTFFF". Do you know why? Because nobody in Miami cares wtf is playing,  as long as they look good and everyone cause see them at an expensive club. And I realized, as tight as WMC is, that's mad lame that that is the only time that good music along with good crowds roll thru Miami. And don't fight with me on this one, I know theres like the occasional Bardot show with a dope DJ, but I swear to you, nobody in the crowd cares who is playing. Nobody. Everyone's on their phones, it's like a $60 cover, and drinks are stupid pricey. Now, I know Miami is getting kinda cool with areas like Wynwood and shit, but still, those are just little bars, kinda like a Willyburd / Bushwick area sans concert spaces and warehouse spots. 
If Miami had someone (me) come down and maybe help create a dope year round music scene, it would be the coolest spot in the world. Like, warm weather, gorgeous atmosphere, tan people, sand, sun, surf, music. And I'm really aiming this towards the electronic scene, not the reggae ton scene or anything. I genuinely am upset that WMC makes Miami thee shit for a WEEK then after its like a bomb just went off and everyones dispersed. It's not fair, Miami should be a tight place for music year round. Everything is too expensive, the people are too concerned with status, and it just sucks. It's like going to Avenue or 1Oak or some other super super shitty spot in NYC with dumb ass models and bottle service no matter where you go. Miami could have the tightest underground low key cheap ass spots, it just needs someone in there to go kick it's ass into shape a bit.
And I'm totally willing to be that person. 

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  1. agreed - miami has no good music culture! #gochangetheirways