Monday, December 23, 2013

Jenny Mayhem - TV Waltz

I'm not typically down for press releases if I don't already know the artist, but in this case, yes yes yes and more yes! Plucky guitar sounds and sweet vocals, very similar to the likes to Agnes Obel, and the remixes are so on point, I couldn't help but put this up to share with everyone.

The original track for “TV Waltz” was recorded with guitarist Tom Juhas at The Orange Lounge, Toronto. The stripped-down, atmospheric folk song is reminiscent of Jenny’s previous “Alice in Wonderland” from her 2011 EP.

“’TV Waltz” started with the idea of watching stories on a screen for so long that they start to creep into real life. Like with a good book, the people on TV start to feel like friends who comfort you, distract you, shape what you want. But it’s also about the power of the people who write those stories”

Jenny enlisted the support of Swiss artist Draaiwinti and Canadian producer O S L O to create two indie electronic remixes for this release. The remixes are a surprising departure from the original folk track. Jenny’s latest release is “TV Waltz” – a folk acoustic single including remixes by Draaiwinti and O S L O. She continues to write, record and collaborate with artists in Toronto and in the online community."

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