Monday, November 11, 2013


Mercury has been in retrograde the past couple weeks, and it has not screwed my shit up so much than ever before. My mood is off, I'm forgetting things, I don't want to be around people, and worst of all, I've wanted nothing to do with music, or the industry or anyone involved. I stayed home this weekend, didn't attend Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and didn't open my computer once this weekend. I've scoffed at musicians (except when I met James Blake last week) and honestly had no wherewithal to deal with anyone. But this morning, as I dragged myself to work and opened my Soundcloud, I listened through my stream and just cried and cried because music is so INCREDIBLY powerful and I forgot I don't do what I do for the people, or the ass hole dj's, or the stuck up fake celebrities, I do everything because I genuinely am in love with music, and I want everyone to feel the same way about it. Anyway, let's get to it:

[SAMPLE] THIS is good, honest dance music. Gorgon City always kills it with the beats, and MNEK will forever win first place for my favorite vocalist. The lyrics are perfect and the entirety of the song just sends warmth through your entire body. I can't wait for this to release, I swear I will be playing it every night before I go out. Fantastic. Pre-order it now!

Obviously the album in itself is perfection, and a couple of the remixes that have come out have really been incredible works of art. Shadow Child's remix of "Strong" in particular really stood out to me, but this remix, I don't know what it is, it has that powerful go hunting and running up a mountain kind of feel to it. I've never even heard of Kids of the Apocalypse either, but, I will certainly keep an ear out for them now.

I'm in love with this track, and I typically hate the sound of tropical steel drums in tracks, but for this, it works more than ever. I love the build up, I love the vocals, I love the whole feel of it. And then slam, it smacks you in the face with I don't even know what, but a noise that is very pleasing to my senses. So this song kind of covers all bases of emotions for me, bravo.

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM. I want to quit my job, rent an old convertible, kidnap my best friend and just drive. Drive and drive and drive and only play this song because this is one of the most beautiful remixes I've heard in months. And it's hella tough to remix "Insane" as it is, because of the strength of the original but L D R U, you DOG. Fantastic.

James Blake is on that hip hop up and up I'm telling you. I don't listen to Drake, I don't listen to Chance the Rapper, but I do listen to James Blake and will listen to anything he involves himself in. Am I allowed to obsess even though I met him on Thursday night at Output and he had no idea I was such a fan of his??

The homie from Autograf sent me this track and I genuinely really like this remix. Amtrac is another on I am hesitant about listening to remixes to, but this is really mellow and fabulous. Great job Autograf.

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