Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Morning at Dark Harbour Shop Picking up Bread

"So we have to tell you about last night.
- Have you ever been to the scar? OH my God it's absolutely spectacular, isn't it Meg?
We went for the Devereaux boys wedding which was just lovely - oh! you have to see her dress!
- You have to see it, it was just perfect
Oh and we have to tell you about how they met. They were open about it so I'm sure we can talk about it. It's so funny-
-It really is so funny
So they were freshman at Stanford at a party and he said to her, 'you know I have a funny family history, I'm actually a test tube baby and my sister is adopted' and SHE turns to him and says 'well I'm adopted and my brother is a test tube baby' - isn't that the sweetest?
-it really is so sweet
Oh and who was that man I was speaking with at the party?
-I don't know who he was honestly I wouldn't know him if he came over and BIT me on the leg..
Anyway I was sitting next to this man and I turn and say to him 'do you mind if I move the seats around so I don't sit next to my husband? We like to meet new people - do you and your wife do that' and he turns to me looks me square in the eye -
-oh now THIS is funny
It really is so funny, and he says to me 'my wife is dead'
My wife is dead!
And so I say 'oh I'm so sorry I hope you find happiness in your life' and he says 'I won't; I'm an utter introvert' and, I'm sure he says this strictly for the challenge, of course I got him talking and talking and it turns out he's read just about every 20th century novel and taught anthropology at Yale which is just so funny
-it really is so funny.
Anyway dear it's so nice to see you, how is your father doing?"

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