Monday, July 11, 2011

Songs that are very good for your well being

YACHT - Dystopia

The Earth the Earth the Earth is on fire...I put up the Bad Dancr remix to this some time last week, but the more I listen to both of them, the more I am attracted to the original. For some reason it just reminds me of walking down Chelsea NYC on my way to work...passing the aspiring hipsters who take themselves far too seriously..

Panic at the Disco - Let's Kill Tonight

I know. Even I am a little weirded out that I have a Panic at the Disco song on my blog, however, I found it on the NYLON summer playlist, and the only thing I thought about when I heard this was...'I wonder if their objective for this song was to sound like Muse...' Right? Totally. It's like the stole the guitar vibe that Muse does so well in all of their music. Not complaining, if it makes me listen to PATD, then it's great.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife

Probably my favorite song right now. I had initally heard this song somewhere on the blogosphere...maybe RCRDlbl or some sort..Anyway, her voice is incredible and unlike anything I've heard. However, there are many interpretations to this song, one being that it's about incestuousness polygamy and another about just incest. But when I first heard this it reminded me of those boys that you date where their sister or mother act like their brother/sons know, those obsessive sisters and moms that are so unbelievably annoying...

Oh Land - Wolf & I

I am falling more and more in love with her every day, I really am. First off, this reminds me so much of a Kerli type song, those piano chords creeping their way into the song adding a terrifying aura to the music. Love it.

Hooray for Earth - No Love

This is not something I would normally listen to, but for some reason this song makes me extremely happy, and makes me want to put on my keds and dance through the streets. Those trumpet sounding chords are wonderful as well, and when everyone comes in singing together towards the end, ughhh so good.

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Carolynne showed me this song, and I have been obsessed since the first time I heard it. Just the beginning, it is the happiest song in the entire world. You can not be in a bad mood while this song is playing. I want to drive down to the keys or some other wonderfully tropical place with the sunroof open and sticking myself out the window blasting this song and feeling the wind all through my hair while thinking of the things that make me happy. Mmmm.

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