Wednesday, June 29, 2011


There was a time I picked you up, and took you from your sleep,
to lay with me in my own bed and watch you when you dream.
There was a time I'd get you dressed, to fix your soft blonde hair,
and pick you out your doll sized clothes, and help with what to wear.
There was a time when your small feet would pitter down the floor,
and wait for me til I was dressed, just sitting by my door.
There was a time I'd pick you up, and hold you on my hips,
and kiss your cheek, your head, your ear, your little baby lips.
There was a time you'd scream for me until I held you close,
and you'd squeeze tight and stay by me, I was your happy dose.
There was a time you'd sit with me and watch me work away,
and every chance I got to make you laugh, I'd go that way.
There was a time you'd fall asleep, with your dreamy smile,
baby palms, baby feet, these memories so worthwhile.

But now I'm gone, and you've grown up, and memories of me faded,
you craved me once, and loved me so, now life has got you jaded.

Don't let life tell you I don't love you, please don't think that I'm in parts,
I love you, my baby sister of mine, you still consume my heart.

1 comment:

  1. I think i just cried. this is beautiful.
    I wouldnt worry, she still thinks of you, and prays for you every night.