Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lighter Music in Life

Get People - Away

This is probably my favorite song at the moment. Those odd end dub and bass noises sucked me right in. I'm in a very summery chill mood, and this song is the epitome of laying on the beach and watching the waves calmly crash in.

Cranberries - Zombie

My roommate came back one weekend and would NOT stop blasting the Cranberries, so she got us all into a 90's mood and we haven't stopped playing it in here since. 'Dreams' by them always reminds me of the Karate Kid III with Hilary Swank. I swear to you they play it in that movie. Anyway, Dolores O'Riordan has one of the best voices of all time, hauntingly brilliant, she is.

Cosmo Memory - Keep the Light in Your Eyes

I don't know what it is about this song! It kind of sounds like a mix of Medic Droid and AnCo or something. The chorus is what got me, though. That slow sexy beat that drives the that smile onto your face and you think of all the happy things in your life right now. And then it wakes you up again.

Sarah Jarosz - My Muse

Ah, I found this song, in the Keys when I was with my boyfriend and his family. I was watching some Chicago tribute something or other and this girl came on and was just an absolute genius with her instruments. And her voice was unbelievable! She's young too! But there was something so passionately dark about her music, I picture her in an old Victorian house with cracked mirrors. Gorgeous.

Stephen Jerkaz feat. Leighton Meester - She Said (feat. Killabits Remix)

Lindsay sent me this song about a week ago, and oh she just knows me too well. Such a good song to do a hip hop routine too, or one to get into trouble too...if you know what I mean. And that drop 'SHE SAID'...yum yum. So then I looked up the Stephen Jerkaz to get the pic for the blog, and he's like a 14 year old emo Warp Tourian. Right? Awkward.

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