Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TUNAGE that isn't too good for your well being ;)

I've been in this ridiculously happy mood lately / a mood where I want to pull myself out of this funk I've been struggling with, so I've been surrounding myself with flowers, the colour pink, and light hearted happy music that is honestly starting to make me go insane. So I found some raging beats that I can use in place of doing unhealthy things. Which got me to thinking, isn't so weird how music can control your emotions? I hear one song and I want to go play on the beach with a puppy eating ice cream and I hear another song and I want to be in the center of a dirty rave knocked out of my freaking mind.

Funny how tunes can do that to ya.

Teddy Bears (feat. Trimbal) - Weed in a Rizzla

Uncertain about this song at first because Teddy Bears were the ones who did that super random upbeat song with Robyn that I was highly disappointed in for a while. But then I pushed play and ... it won me over from there. Dirty dark beats with a creepy ass male voice saying "weed in a rizzla"? Yes please! Picture the elevator ride down to a rave and the beats just keep getting louder and pounding in your head the lower the levels you go. This is that song.
What the hell is a rizzla anyway?

Time Takers - She Blows (The Whistle Tune)

Takes a minute or so to get you into that drop, but man, once that bad boy hits it is smooth sailing from there. One of my favorite things to look for in a heavy beat is when they drown out the sound and stick something super random to use as a build up, and this song does it splendidly. You're sitting there thinking, oh this happy, and then BAM! hellooooo dirty dance clubs.

Ayumi Hamasaki - A Song for XX (Ferry Corsten Remix)

I think I've only put a couple foreign songs, but I super dig this one. I haven't heard a good trance tune in quite a minute, and this one is a wonderful, mystical, mysterious, confusing song. I loveeeeeee Ferry Corsten, and just knowing it was HE who made this track amazing makes me so happy and reminds me of my Atlanta days pre-SCAD where Dusty and I would jam to him at all hours of the night. Ahh, memories.

YACHT - Dystopia (BAD DANCR remix)

Save the best for last? OKAY! The original to this is almost just as amazing, but there is something about the remix's opening synths that make this song so very right for this occasion. Heavy heavy dance tune, but one that you can do while wearing cute clothes and maintaining the look you've prepared for yourself for the two hours you spent in the mirror.

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