Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is how to remix

I just had to share this with everyone, it's very important. Not only do I love this because it's the one and only Britney Spears, but this is what I'm talking about when I tell you how important it is to have a kickass buildup and then that special drop. Remixers, take note of the way Gareth Emery handles this song. It's slow at first, but not boring, there is still an exciting beat throughout. Then he tricks us by a windblown buildup, then it just goes back into another verse. THEN. Here comes the chorus, the build up siren that you can't wait til it explodes, and then the explosion of some old school synths and a heavy trance feel.
This just brightened my morning :)

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Gareth Emery Remix)

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