Friday, December 16, 2011

Jess Mills

I get way too excited when I find a good female artist that sings over dark electronic beats. WAY too excited. This girl, Jess Mills is probably my greatest female find in a really long time. She's beautiful, British, skinny as all hell, wears some of the coolest rings, has an incredibly enviable ombre, oh, AND her voice is absolutely stunning. I've put up some of my favorites from her, including a track by Breakage featuring Miss Mills. Think of her music as in the same circle as Katy B or Sunday Girl...I wonder if they'd all get along or not...

Jess Mills - Pixelated People (Produced by Sam Frank)

This song has probably about a trillion likes on Hypem now, each one more deserving than the next. Totally dark, but there is something so chill about her music. Like the beats are totally raw, but her voice evens it out so you could either listen to her music just driving, or getting ready for a killer night out. This single officially drops mid-February, and the release of her album follows shortly after. Can't wait.

Jess Mills - Live For What I'd Die For

Her voice sounds absolutely beautiful in this song. And the backbeat reminds me of one of the Flo and Machine remixes I obsess over. Absolutely adore the piano at the end.

Jess Mills - Vultures

I think this song has become my favorite of hers. As soon as the first verse starts, the beat immediately drops into something mysteriously deep and sucks you right in. "Quietly violent like a bad dream, they pursue day and night"... 

Breakage feat. Jess Mills - Fighting Fire

Such a dance floor killer if you're at the right place. Loud, dark, intense bass. Ahh...perfection.

Jess Mills - Silent Space (in the snow)

And this is from her in Ibiza, she just like...exudes coolness when she performs.

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