Sunday, December 11, 2011

Super Randoms / Morgan Page / Marina and the Diamonds / Azari & III / Miike Snow / YACHT

Morgan Page feat. Tegan and Sara - Body Work

I adore Morgan Page, and I definitely used to listen to Tegan and Sara when I was an angsty little high schooler. I normally would have never seen a collaboration of the two coming together, but then I remembered that wonderful 'Feel it in My Bones' song that Tiesto and the girls produced. I wish M. Page did a little more with this beat, especially after the 2:45 sequence when the vocals are totally building up for a good drop. However, I guess he fixes it the next time just all seems too...simple. But who am I to judge............
Also, is it just me or do they sound a little like Marina Diamondis in this song....?

Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love

THIS SONG IS SO MUCH FUN. And totally something I would never normally download. It sounds like something if the 90's and the 70's got stuck together producing music and they were fighting over the background beat of the song. It's like NuDisco Jock Jams style. Totally fabulous.

Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive

Didn't like it when I first heard it, not quite sure why, because I am absolutely swooned by Marina Diamondis. But it came up again on one of my random playlists and caught me by surprise. How did I ever not like this song at one point? Her voice is so rare, and this song in particular really plays up on the electro card. Listen to around that deep nasty bass rolls through...where in the hell did that come from? It's perfect, I love it, it's wonderful. The lyrics are quite great, too.

YACHT - I Walked Alone (Get A Room! Remix)

The only problem I have with this remix is that I feel like it's a little too long. It could have been chopped up a bit and compressed...but either way, once again we have another super dancey YACHT song. The end minute and a half or so sounds like something Music Go Music would have come up with, it's really fitting  for a YACHT song. It's a perfect 'background of a party where you're pretty drunk and needing to dance but you're wearing something cute and don't wanna get sweaty' kinda song.

Miike Snow - Devil's Work

HOORAY. I cannot for the life of my little soul express to you all how excited I am that Miike Snow's new album is coming closer and closer to our little hands and ears. They've announced just last week that their new album is complete, artwork is finishing up and they are planning their tour dates!! This is such a perfect single, and the anticipation I hold for this new album is making me giddy all over. They are SO incredible live, and every single that they drop, without fail, some absolutely brilliant remix comes forth. That's also another secret reason why I am so excited they are back on the radar. The re-edits and remixes that stem from Miike Snow songs are straight sexy.

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  1. Perhaps that YACHT song reminds of Music Go Music in part because they have similarly-titled song called "I walk alone."