Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Tunage

SCHMIDT - Shadowman

OK there was a while that went by where I wanted to put up a song by Chrysta Bell, I think I may have added the video, but it was a dark and sultry song by a super sexy lady. This one is just like it, and the girl singing is not at all what you think she would look like. She's young, from Berlin but London based, and beautiful. Her voice is so rare, and the beat of the song makes me think I'm in a 1940's detective movie. Love those.

Mickey feat. Monarchy - Love for Sale

Yes, yes, and yes. After I fell in love with song "You Don't Want to Dance with Me," I've kept my eye on Monarchy. And this song is a severe reminder why I've kept my eye on them. I am so anxiously awaiting a remix by like Style of Eye or MSTRKRFT or something, right?? How good would it be, elongating the song to drop something crazy during the chorus, really drowning out all instrumentals and focusing on the piano and vocals for a good 45 seconds then just smacking us in the face with some killer dance beat. Why am I so inept at FL Studio, I'd be so good.....

Scissor Sisters - Shady Love (feat. Azaelia Banks)

Holy hell I hate the name of their band. The Banks girl completely makes the song. Oh man I want to dance so badly to this song, it's a lot more... quicker paced electronic for a typical Scissor Sisters song. Honestly, I don't have much to say about this one, it's just such a random attraction for me, I'm not usually into their music. I'm tellin ya, Banks was a song saver for me.

Studio Killers - Ode to the Bouncer

The first time I heard this, I saw the video with it and was completely entertained (disturbed). All these animated videos taking over, I don't know what to think anymore...cartoons are not what they used to be. The song though, the song is just great. The beat is tasty and the lyrics are so on point. I for see so many remixes springing from this and it being the number one dirty dance club mix.

SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon - Wildfire

My friend Colleen had sent me this song such a while ago, and it just sat on my Spotify. I came across is again because some lame dubber remixed it and ruined it, then I remembered how GOOD the original was. This beat is so dirty, and the vocals are perfect. Picture this blasting in some really dark and dimly lit bar in some off street of NYC, mmm...that image sits so well in my head.

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