Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sexy Sounds // Marina & The Diamonds / SCHMIDT / Lana Del Rey / Gotye / Orsten

Marina & The Diamonds - Sinful

This is an unreleased song from Marina Diamandis. Not too sure why she decided to hold this one back, but it's absolutely beautiful, and the lyrics are fantastic, like always. She's been scaring me a bit lately, watching videos of her live performances and the pictures of her chopped off dyed messy blonde hair. She's looking like she's starting to go over the edge a bit, but in the music world, we all know that's when the best music is released.

Orsten - Fleur Blanche

This song is just perfect for my mood lately. That haunting dark alone sound, where the piano is slowly played and each time a key hits a new hair on your body stands straight up. My dear friend sent me this song via Spotify (a download I don't overly suggest, but is marvelous for trading songs back and forth.) Anyway, the heavy kick throughout the song gives the creepy sound a contemporary feel, splendid for the days you just want to sit down, drink a cup of hot tea and write.

SCHMIDT - Sin City

Oh my dear darling SCHMIDT. Her voice is one of the greatest sounds my ears have set upon in quite some time now. I absolutely adore the 1920's Berlin burlesque and flashing lights sound she has in every one of her songs. Can't you just see a great Bob Fosse routine to this song? It's absolutely perfect.

Lana Del Rey - Lolita

Oh dear, Lana Del Rey. Although she can't even for a split second perform live remotely well, I still fade back into listening to her prerecorded mp3s. She may suck so so horribly live, but we KNOW it's in there, right?! That beautiful voice in hiding somewhere underneath her collagen enhanced lips and marvelous wig....come on, LDR, show us what you can do!!

Gotye - What Do You Want

My most recent obsession, Gotye. Such wonderful music, something I have been waiting for these past couple months. This song in particular caters to the sexy, burlesque-y feel I'm trying to get across through all of the songs in this post. His voice is so like...longing, you can see his facial expressions every time he forces a raspy syllable out.

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