Thursday, February 16, 2012

All right here we go... Florence & the Machine / D.L.i.d. / Chiddy Bang CocoRosie / iamamiwhoami

Florence & the Machine - Seven Devils

By far one of the most talented singers of our generation. Not only is her voice a gift from heaven, but the instrumentals of her music sound like they come right out of a medieval novel. Not to mention her lyrics are absolutely beyond brilliant. She's one of the ones that somehow always makes my body produce goosebumps, my eyes fill with water, and my heart melt. This song in itself is one of her best yet, I believe.  Her power is RARE, and her music is positively perfect.

D.L.i.d. - Colour in Your Hand (feat. Fink)

Dick Laurent is Dead. Who's Dick Laurent? I downloaded this song so randomly one evening, stuck it on a playlist for my car, listened to it unwillingly, and immediately fell right in love with it. Would absolutely love to do an acoustic version to this song at some point in my life (this week, or until I have a new favorite song.) The opening synths are sooo tasty, and as soon as that kick hits in,'s all over.

Chiddy Bang feat. CocoRosie - By Your Side

I don't like Chiddy Bang, but I freaking love CocoRosie, ergo; it works. I'm kind of digging this little toy beat they have going on, I wish CocoRosie had a more profound part, but I guess this is good for starters, right?

iamamiwhoami - sever

Wanna talk about weird? (Or don't you, because that's fine too) but this girl iamamiwhoami is one twisted cookie. However, her voice is so pure and pretty, and I just can't help listening to it and watching her completely odd videos. The music in this song I think may be my favorite of all of her music. It has sort of Golden Filter wonderfeel, it really is so pretty.

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