Saturday, May 14, 2011

BPM: Beats Per Month

Rusko - Everyday (Boyfriend Remix)

I'm over dubstep. Like for real. But I like this song because it makes me feel good and I smile very big on the inside when I listen to this. I can also picture myself dancing somewhere super sunny with a lot of people to this as well, and that is exactly what I need at this point.

Ke$ha - Blow (R1 Cirkut Edit)

You all know how I feel about Kesha, she sucks majorly bad. However, the beat of this song is quite addicting, and this killer freaking remix I found is even better. Who the hell is R1 Cirkut, and why do I not have more of their music???

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

Okay I uploaded a preview of this song about a month ago, and it finally dropped! YAY. The music blogs are streaming another remix, I can't think of whose at the moment, but I am a fan of this Sultan & N. Shepard mix. Perfect amount of drop, danciness and the original vocals.

Taio Cruz - Believe in Me Now (Produced by Swedish House Mafia)

Ahhh Taio Cruz, you guilty little pleasure you. The only attraction I had to this song was the fact that my friend who has killer music taste sent it to me, and the fact SHM produced the track itself. You can hear the SHM influence throughout the song, which makes the song really dancelike. Approved.

Rihanna & Britney Spears - S&M

My boyfriend and I belt the hell out of this song in the car. Sorry boyfriend, exposed. And now with Britney on the track? YAY! Anything with B. Spears is an A in my book. However, this song is exceptionally dirty and I feel like I have to go to confession every time I listen to it.

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