Friday, May 20, 2011

The Summer Jams

Pitbull & Neyo (Produced by Afrojack) - Give me Everything (Tonight)

Sometimes a little mainstream goes a long way... But we all know why I uploaded this little club jam: Pitbull and Afrojack. It's like the music world is colliding in order to make me happy and it's totally working! Afrojack was unbelievable at Ultra Fest, and my two favorite Nicaraguans and I love any beat by him, and throw Pitbull on the track?? WIN!

Devious Knights - Summer Rock Anthem (LMFAO vs The Underdog Project)

It's mainstream totally unstreamed! And the opening synth makes me SUPER excited. For imagery purposes - picture a bunch of people at the beach with nothing but smiles and good vibes flowing through everyone's dancing. This is a summer jam, get into the song, feel the music, get happy...Summer is here!!!!

Rye Rye feat. Robyn - Never Will be Mine

Well this brings the mood to a more serious tone, but I couldn't wait to put it up in a collection of its own. It's far too good to put it off. Seeing it was a Robyn song is what initially drew me to this track, but the music just blows it out of the water, and you know what, Rye Rye kills it.

Autoerotique - Freak (Sound of Stereo remix)

I remember exactly when I found this song. My roommate and I were browsing the music blogs on the interwebs and as SOON as this one we got going, we were both like HELL YEAH. We must have played it 4 times over. LISTEN TO THAT BEAT. It's thee dirtiest beat I've thrown up here in a while. This is comparable to an Aoki song. Hellll yesss.

Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg - If I was You (Disco Fries Remix)

Okay first of all, the song should be titled 'If I WERE You.' But it's whatever not all musicians can be grammatically correct in their simple song titles... Although these lyrics sound like they were written by a hormonal 14 year old boy, this beat is unreal. Disco Fries have killed it with the songs I've found by them, and this is no exception. This beat is just so exciting! Ahhh it's playing now I can't sit still, I get almost teary eyed because it's just that good. God, I am so dramatic.

Disco Socks - The Brixton Bass Riot

DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEEE....Introducing to YOU, with honor; Disco Socks. This boy hails from across the pond, someplace in the mysteriously rainy UK. He sent me his music after stumbling across my blog, and man oh man. I am not a huge fan of disco, but this song was playing in my room and my roommate (who has an incredible sense for music) was like "WHO IS THISS I love it!" So I got excited, because I love when people love music I put on in the room when I'm working. Visit his soundcloud page and dive into his other awesome beats HERE.

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