Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Music 2 The Golden Filter / Other Lives / Sia / Icona Pop / Sunday Girl

The Golden Filter - Mother

Holy Moly I cannot say enough good things about The Golden Filters recently released EP for the short film 'SYNDROMS.' Not only is this short film so aesthetically entertaining, but having music that matches the already perfect cinematography is so rare. This song in particular is my favorite from the soundtrack, due to the eerie airy female voice and the shocking lyrics. I honestly feel like I just found a bunch of never before heard Massive Attack tracks...THAT'S how good this soundtrack is. The song 'Shake' is also incredible. It has a silent buildup and a rush of musical adrenaline that gets your heart going like no other song would be able to do.

Other Lives - Tamer Animals

Clearly the piano caught my ear when I first heard this song. When I came across this song, I was actually in search for music to match my approaching seasonal depression, and this song was absolutely perfect for it. So pretty, so distant, so perfect for autumn. His voice is perfectly fitting as well.

David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium

I'm sorry I keep posting songs from David Guetta's new album. I know I berated his lack of passion a couple weeks ago, so it seems kind of hypocritical that I keep posting him...but it's Siaaaaa. Her voice is so unreal. She is one of those artists that when she comes out with a new song, even if it doesn't strike you immediately, you listen anyway just because you want to hear what she has to say. And her voice...and this beat!? Oh yes yes yes!

Icona Pop - Nights Like This

How much fun is this song. It was such a random find! The chorus is one of the best singalong chorus's I've heard in quite some time. It reminds of the Naked & Famous song 'Young Bloods.' It just has that super feel good feeling to it, that forces you to smile and think of something happy even though you totally do not want to.

Sunday Girl - Love U More

Yayyyy Sunday Girl! I originally had heard the RAC remix to this, and those remixes are so hit or miss for me, and for this song it was a complete miss. I was really disappointed too, until I saw the video that was released and heard the original. Total winner. Awesome video, awesome song, awesome beat. Although it seems somewhat uptempo, her voice is intrinsically mysterious, which automatically adds a different sound to all of her songs.

Check out the video here!!

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