Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Raw Relapse // Ed Sheeran / Sykur / Flosstradamus / Fedde le Grand

Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You (Gemini Remix)

I've been on an Ed Sheeran kick lately, ever since he and Yelawolf dropped that magical collaboration of an EP. It seems that DJ's all around seem to take a fancy to him and his incredible vocals, and this remix is a perfect example of someone taking a beautifully calm song and turning it into something terrifying. In a good way. This is really heavy, but Sheeran's voice softens the blow.

Sykur - Curling (Database Remix)

Never heard of either of them until I came across this song. Her voice is way cool and super powerful, and Database caters to the extent of her talent by throwing in this incredible beat around 1:15 and continues it throughout the chorus. It's a type of beat I haven't heard in a while, something I would expect from an intense Chrystal Method song or something. It totally works though, share.

Flosstradamus - Total Recall

I know I know, these are heavy compared to what I've been doing lately! But whatever, certain types of relapses are necessary sometimes.....and when it comes to heavy music, this is the type that gets me every time. Dark, hard, raw beats with an element of softness streaming throughout it. The vocals in this are key, and actually really pretty. 

Fedde le Grand, Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel - Turn it (Official videoclip)

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