Tuesday, February 23, 2010

dante's divine comedies

if you havent read dante's divine comedies, then....you probably should. and if you have read it, and still dont believe in hell, then i dont know whats wrong with you. im reading this book for one of my literature classes and i am falling in LOVE with this book. well, the inferno scared the hell out of me (no pun intended), but i am so intruiged with his diagram of the inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso. reading this really makes me want to not ever commit any type of sins again. some of the punishments in hell are super terrifying. having to lay halfway in a pool of ice cold water, then when you cry your tears turn into ice cubes over your eyes....or hanging upsidedown from the baptismal fonts and your feet burning on fire. or swiming in feces and choking on what you're swimming in orrr being submersed in boiling pools of your own blood...that is just way too scary for me. the purgatorio doesnt sound easy either. it would suck to be a lustful and have to be wrapped in sheets of fire for purification. i guess the only thing good from that is that youre being purified so you can end up in Heaven. paradiso is a little confusing, but its cool how he drew it all out. everyone in heaven and completely satisfied knowing that you are finally with God. well anyways, ive picked out some super awesome lines from the paradiso. food for thought, i suppose. enjoy.

"for he is a fool, and low amoung his kind, who answers yea or nay without reflection, nor does it matter on which road he runs too blind."

"Let Tom and Jane not think, because they see one man is picking pockets and another is offering all his good to charity, that they can judge their neighbors with God's eyes: for the pious man may fall,and the thief may rise."
i may somehow end up putting this somewhere on my body in tattoo form. no i wont, but this line is way awesome. and it just harmonizes so beautifully with so many people and things that i happen to be dealing with at this time in my life.

"It is worse than vain for the men to leave the shore and fish for truth unless they know the art; for they return worse off than they were before."

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  1. Great. But I still want my book (pictured above!) back.