Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentines day sucks

Valentines Day. ohhhhh how i loathe this day. the idea that people spend money and time on gifts and presents trying to please their loved ones makes me sick. seriously, it does. its not even a real holiday. this day was created completely by hallmark and card makers just so they could make a buck. and man...are they rolling in money because of this sickening 'holiday'. and if you give me the St. Valentine card, and that he loved the whole relationship deal, its not true. he wouldnt of wanted this. he just wanted people to get married so there was no fornication. did you know that he was actually beaten with clubs and then beheaded?...think about that on valentines day next year...anyways, its a load of crap. the relationship is probably just going to end, and your now negative $__ because your girlfriend would get mad if you didnt acknowledge this day. why dont you just take the time out of some random week to let your dear one know you care about them? instead of having to succumb to the pressures of red roses and chocolate.
sure, call me jealous, bitter, or even angry. maybe i am. i have no idea what it feels like to have a guy go out of his way to buy me flowers or...candy..or whatever it is people buy for each other on this day. my mom sent me roses this year, i felt awesome. they look amazing on my desk. but imagine if those were sent from a boyfriend? not really sure if i would feel really gay, or flattered. probably gay. i dont want a boyfriend anyways. the more i think about it, the more i love being alone. i was watching that show 'say yes to the dress', today, (im not sure why i put myself through that torture for hours on end) but i realized, im never getting married. i dont even want to. all that stress ? and for what....a showy wedding thats lasts all but 2 hours. not interested. (no offense engaged sister katie, im sure you two are happy as clams).
but seriously. why add that stress onto your life? im pretty sure relationships end up in nothing but fights and finding the worst in each other. and im sure there are those who are happy ever after blah blah..and thats great, and i would LOVE that, but lets get real, that will NEVER happen. especially not with me. im cynical, pessimistic, and im pretty sure my pathetic little heart is coloured black. everyone has their own agenda, and everyone does their own thing. maybe as time goes on and as i continue on my life journey ill come across someone who is capable of loving me. but until then, i will enjoy my chocolates sent by my mother, watch my sister give her life up to another man (who is awesome by the way, i DO love them together, DONT get me wrong) and go on through life alone knowing that i suck. just kidding, im not that depressing.
but seriously, im a lone wolf. live alone, die alone.


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  2. hahah i wish i was dating you allie during all my previous valentine's days instead of all my past girlfriends who sucked money out of my pockets on that day. those flowers were expensive!! your views are the same as mine. the "holiday" sucks.

  3. There arent words my dear, for the cynical words that drip heavily from your mouth. One day you will be seriously, weak at the knees, happy. Yes, the husband and five kids with a dog. You'll fight with your hubby constantly but it wont matter in the end because you'll have great make-up sex and look back one day and say "Oh my Gosh, Celena was right". I love you!

  4. just as much as relationships dont work out, do you know how many people say they will NEVER get married and NEVER have kids, and then they do? just wait it out and see what happens rather than being a negative nance. youre neither living alone or dying alone. and.. i like the colors of valentine's day. xox