Tuesday, February 23, 2010

thoughts on a liberal arts education

i wanted to kill a toddler when i first found out that i had to come to southern catholic college. i was so mad that i couldnt go to a normal university like all of my friends. i was going to go to a super miniscule college where i wont learn anything important or beneficial to my future. i'd be taking philosophy classes, literary classes, and having professors who probably were ex seminarians. i know my class mates will be homeschool uncultured people who i'll want nothing to do with.

well. i must say, three years in and my opinion has completely changed. not only do i actually get along with a few people here, but i absolutely adore my classes. ethics was probably the best and most important class i would take and need in my lifetime. my medieval literature class i am taking currently wouldnt be anything if it wasnt for the fact that my professor was Catholic. im not just reading millions of books that are like healthfood for your mind, but im learning about it in a way that opens my eyes to see it a way i couldnt do on my own.

not only are these classes teaching me how to live, but they are doing a really incredible job on learning WHY i live. i think learning about who you are, why you are, and what youre capable of, is going to go a lot farther than learning what proper way to use excel is, or learning whatever you learn in management classes...

i dont know, i guess even if im not the happiest ball of sunshine on the planet, i am happy im at least getting a damn good education out of all of this superficial bullshit ive been having to deal with.


  1. I resent that homeschooled uncultured comment! But this is an awesome post. I'm glad you feel this way :)

  2. hahahahhahahahahahaha. i love you.

  3. Miss Allie B, you've learned more in your three years than a lot of people do in their lifetime. Glad to know it.