Tuesday, February 23, 2010

why?-good friday

ok so my friend colleen turned me on to this band, why?. im excited to say that i am completely and fully obsessed at this point. this song in particular is so sexy (b). i dont know what it is about it, maybe the tenebrous words throughout, or the low creepy beat. so incredible. anyways, their songs consist of a weird kind of sunken steady stream of epic beats with this guys really low meandering flow over it. and the lyrics are unbelievable. the songs are so lyrically creative and honest. its one of those bands where as soon as you hear a song you immediately want to relate to it. like ive never been addicted to anything, but as soon as he starts talking about his addicition to any substance im like..."yeah man i totally feel you..." but its because i just want to connect so badly! ugh the songs are so good. get into them, deeply.

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