Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mental Debauchery

DISCLAIMER: Don't read this if you don't want to find out what your boyfriend/fiance/husband is up to.

I wasn't going to post about this, but...I just feel as though I must write to you/warn you all about the disgusting/vile/putrid/repulsing male mind. I was helping out a family friend by working at a deli in town for the past month, in RIDGEFIELD, and have never had such an experience in my life. For those of you who don't know much about Ridgefield, it's that rich little town you see in movies where it's "great to raise the kids", and then the kids turn out to be the most spoiled, selfish people, the moms have walking time in the morning, the mailman is friends with your know, that kind of town. Anyway, never in my life, have I ever witnessed such mental debauchery. All I did was work the register, and I believe I got asked out 49 times, BY MARRIED MEN. They had NO idea who I was, because I was living in Atlanta for so long, so they thought that I had no idea who they were or who their wives and kids were. Ohh little did they know...I knew. One person in partic, WHO WAS MARRIED, to the hottest chick ever, got my number, told me he could get me "party favors", told me that I had a hot ass, and that if I ever needed "anything" to come to him. Now, I know these texts sound like I played along...I DIDNT. I either wouldn't text back, or I would write back like..."I'm going to tell your wife". It didn't stop them. I had an engaged man tell me that he thought about me before he went to sleep, a mailman bring me a rose and chocolates on my birthday, and an elder British man with two kids ask me to sushi. I had one man make inappropriate gestures to me behind the counter, one man tell me his life story, how i reminded him of his ex-wife, and one man call me Barbie-Doll. Go F yourselves, guys, learn some damn respect.
Ladies, keep your husband in check, orrr stop being an idiot, orrrr have some self-respect if you are doing this too.
Not only did this remind me to hate humanity, but it reminded me that I infact, will never get married, procreate, or anything along those lines.
CHEERS everyone!

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  1. .... disgusting. luckily i'm perfect. but also never getting married. all people suck.