Friday, June 18, 2010


These two songs have been on repeat for the past four days. I'm obsessed. I've always been a fan of Stars, especially after i heard the Final Fantasy remix to 'You're Ex-Lover is Dead', but this new band to my itunes, Colour Revolt, is making quite the good impression. This particular song, 'Our Names', is such a feel good, dance with your eyes closed in a mess of rain with people you love kinda song. It's one of those songs that just makes me smile and want to run through anything that's bothering me.
The next song, 'We don't want your Body', by Stars, has perfect lyrics...
"White line dead time the chloroform
Flashbulbs which pop to keep you warm
I've watched you slowly fall away
The colours fade, from blue to grey....
"Lie down and try to talk to me
Sleep now and dream of who you'll be
When you finally become someone." Just listen to the lyrics. Says alot.
Enjoy kids.

Colour Revolt - Our Names

Stars - We Don't Want Your Body

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