Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Plath Excerpts I Adore...

I'm currently reading the collected works of Sylvia Plath, and I thought I'd just blog some excerpts that I fell in love with.

taken from Tale of a Tub

"In this particular tub, two knees jut up
like icebergs, while minute brown hairs rise
on arms and legs in a fringe of kelp; green soap
navigates the tidal slosh of seas
breaking on legendary beaches; in faith
we shall board our imagined ship and wildly sail
among sacred islands of the mad till death
shatters the fabulous stars and makes us real."

taken from Dream with Clam-Diggers

"Grim as gargoyles from years spent squatting at sea's border
In wait amid snarled weed and wrack of wave
To trap this wayward girl at her first move of love,
Now with stake and pitchfork they advance, flint eyes fixed on murder."

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