Sunday, March 27, 2011


Trevor McFedries, aka DJ Skeet Skeet (28,000+ followers on twitter) messaged me about his girl Gumshoe who just came out with a new video for her cover of Brandy's "What About Us." I watched, fell in love with this girls voice, unique style and bald head, and decided that I would love to get to know more about her, ask her some questions and put up the video. I honestly like her version of this song more than Brandy's, and the reggae beat that's going on in the song does it well for me. She is a SWEETHEART, completely humble, and has a pretty sick fashion blog. >> gummelove

Gumshoe met Trevor at one of his eat skeet parties in LA, where Gumshoe was born and raised. She's hoping to become part of a family of creative minds, where Trevor is most certainly helping that take place. She's a young thing, only 24, and shaved her head only a couple months ago. (Best. Decision. Ever - the girl looks rockin.)Her nose ring rules.. represent nose rings!! She says her style and music work as one because she has nothing to hide, it's all full of clarity, and it's simple; but completely free and honest. Which is how I feel her music is as well. Her voice is enough to do everything for a song. Sweet sound this girl has. Anyway, here is her video "What About Us" - enjoy!
follow her on twitter: @okGumShoe

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