Monday, March 7, 2011

SB Tunage

Katy B - Broken Record

I talk about her all of the time. I really have a massive crush on her. Her voice is PERFECT. And hypem once again, graced me with the presence of this song. And I just found the video which I guess was released today. Yesssss.

OMC - How Bizarre

I'm a little embarrassed by how old this is, but my friend Carolynne and I kept saying "how bizarre" one afternoon, and then we started jammin to this song, and now I just can't stop. And it will forever remind me of the movie Parent Trap.

Usher - More (Red One Remix)

I heard this on the radio. I had no idea mainstream music was so much fun! But anyway, as expected this is my new dance song. I'm slightly in love with it, too bad I have nobody to go dancing with. Oh wait, that's a lie, I will be in Miami in two days. :)

Royksopp - Keyboard Milk

Uhmm...I have nothing to say. Royksopp's shit is always on point, so are every single one of their video's. Except this song makes me want to run away for some reason. Or
go to a graveyard. Or something....

Katy B - Broken Record

YESSSS. She's so pretty, I love the lights, the dancing, everything. Thank you APC for once again making my night complete.

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