Friday, August 5, 2011


This entire summer I have been nannying. Like I always do, but for a new family with 8 lovely little children in the south of Florida. I love the kids to death but I am noticing that being around them, and being around some other people, that if I am ever blessed (cursed) with children, I am going to be the worlds biggest disciplinarian.
I know some older children (I call them children because it's sad to think of their age and how not grown up they are) and I am honestly sickened by the way they act. This sense of entitlement they feel, the lack of independence, the smoldering of their parents on's all really sad.
I think about my childhood and the way I was raised, and at the time, of course I thought my parents were out of their minds, and yes, some things could FOR SURE be handled in different ways...but in the long run, I am so glad my parents were strict. I'm glad they forced us to read and shoved every single type of music genre down our throats. I'm glad we got spanked for acting up, soap in the mouth for talking back, and grounded for messing up. I am so thankful I grew up in a religious family, where my parents didn't just bring us to church on Sundays and leave it at that, but really allowed us to learn and live our faith.
Kids these's like the parents are still kids. There is no discipline, there are no's like equalization all over again. Kids are always plugged in, always have to be stimulated, always have to be entertained. Nobody knows how to have a conversation anymore, nobody knows how to just SIT STILL.
The older children who are my age don't know how to work, or how to save a buck, or how to converse with elders, nobody looks anyone in the eye or gives a solid hand shake...
Super sad. My kids are going to be like the freaking Von Trapp children.

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