Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Easy August Listening Tunage

Please excuse me for neglecting my blog for so long. I have no excuse except that I get lazy and tired after work, and I wasn't satisfied with the internet worlds choice on blogable music...but I found some that I am in love with sooooo...prepare ye selves.

Ty Segall - You Make the Sun Fry

Just the beginning turned me onto this song. That dirty guitar and distinct voice working together to create that tinny raw sound that is just far too sexy. He's cute too, AND is animal friendly. (Stalked his photos, has pictures with dogs)

DWNTWN - Hungry Hearts (Skeet Skeet remix)

I like Skeet Skeet, he sends me music to blog then doesn't tweet it when I do or give me any recognition...but besides personal feelings, this song is really pretty. I really enjoy decent rap, especially when it overlays a beautiful beat and keeps the pretty female voice. The mixing of genres, gets me every time.

Katy B - Witches Brew

HOORAY! We all know I love anything by Katy B. The video to this song came up on APC, but, due to the fact that I live in America, I wasn't able to watch the video. Whatever. The song will do enough for me. UGH her voice is SO pretty. How is it possible to create such sexy sounding songs? Every single song I blog is just so...perfect.

D&C - Raise it Right

I forget if I've blogged this in the past or not, and if I have then good, because you should listen to it again. It came on my ipod today as I was riding my bike venting my mind off, and I forgot HOW MUCH I loved this song when I got it back in January. The beat is wonderful, and I really love the lyrics too. Very honest, very random, very good.

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