Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds; Electra Heart

I know it seems like I always say this, but this is for sure one of the best albums this year. Honestly. Marina Diamondis is quite sincerely, a genius. Although some people laugh at her alternate personality, it's really a brilliant concept. We all have one, we all know it, we just don't know how to articulate it artistically, so we self destruct instead. Marina has put her lavish Hollywood obsessed, yet totally empty alter-ego into song, and it is nothing short of perfection. I wish I had come up with it first. Mine would be slightly more...morbid, I think.

Take a bite of these tracks I've magically conjured up.



Marina and the Diamonds - Teen Idol

Without a doubt, my fave track on the album. Listen to the lyrics.

Marina and the Diamonds - Homewrecker

Marina and the Diamonds - Starring Role

Marina and the Diamonds - Buy the Stars

This song is stunning, but sad. You know that feeling when you listen to a song, and you realize you are the person they're referring to. Never a proud moment.

Marina and the Diamonds - Power & Control

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  1. Ahhh - I haven't been here in a over a month, I apologize. I have to tell you, the first 3 notes of the first song I played reminded me of how amazing the music that fills this blog really is.