Thursday, June 7, 2012

Serenades. /// The Sound of Arrows / Xylos / Dirty Heads / Matisyahu / Giselle / Ianborg / Delilah

The Sound of Arrows - Conquest

I know this album has been out for a bit of months now, but I just came across this track due to its newly released video which is absolutely stunning. Since I've seen the video, this song has been on replay for me ever since. This is for sure one of my favorite songs right now, and I can't even explain where my deep love for it comes from except that it just hits the right spot inside my sould. I'm not a massive Sound of Arrows fan, they delve a bit too much into the NuDisco genre for me... but this song! I can't stop dancing to it. Check the video below, it makes the song EVEN BETTER.

Xylos - Summerlong

Another one that just strikes the right chord. Xylos just played at the Glasslands Gallery with MSMR and Ninifabi. Show was totally excellent, a super low key, but really fun crowd. Not too crowded, but just enough to meet and greet and make new friends. Anyway, this song is the best. It's going to be my go-to travelling in the summer song. It makes me really, really  happy.

The Dirty Heads - Dance All Night feat. Matisyahu

This is something I missed listening to a little bit. I haven't listened to Sublime, The Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid or any reggae bands in just about a year. This was my go to music when I was living on the beach in Florida, but it just all seems too laid back for the north. And Matisyahu on the track? <3 When I close my eyes and pretend I'm back to a really happy and healthy place in the sand, this is what I'll be listening to.

Giselle - Silk (Ianborg Remix)

There isn't much I can say for this one, I don't know much about either artist nor remixer, all I know is that this is one really stellar tune.

Delilah - Breathe

Ugh, THIS is what female vocalists should sound like. Delilah's voice is breathtakingly gorgeous. The song itself is magnificent, and the power in her lungs brings a tear to my eye. If you want to read about her in more depth, please, by all means feel free to HERE. And check out the video below starring the ever so stunning girl who I've never laid eyes on before.

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